Policy Information: 
Before the 1st day: 
A registration form must be completed, one months tuition and the one time registration fee of $10 must be turned in to begin. Payments and registration can be done on this website. If you are unsure about your child's tuition amount or have any other questions, please call our main number 425-773-1155, or your individual KidzDance instructor. Their contact information will be available within your child's center. After your first month, your KidzDance instructor will send you a billing statement the week before the month begins. Tuition is due by the first lesson of each month. If the tuition is not paid by the 2nd week, the student will be held back from attending class, until all balances are paid in full. 

Dance/Gym attire is optional, but is recommended for the safety and comfort of the student. Leggings for girls or sweats for boys are a comfortable option.
If a female dancer is wearing a dress or skirt, they MUST be wearing shorts under the garment.  NO visible underwear for boys or girls will be allowed. If shorts 
to cover undergarments are not available, a dancer will be held from class. 

Fever / illness: 
If a child is present within their center location, but has a temperature of 100 degree's or higher, they will need to be held back from class. 

Classroom behavior and safety: 
A students failure to follow rules and instructions from our staff may result in termination of participation in activities without refund. The safety of our students is our
top priority. 

Year end performance: 
Our dance season begins in September and ends in May. We have a summer program for June, July and August. A year end Family Day is offered during the month 
of May. There are a couple of things that may cause an issue with this. One, if a center begins late in the season, we will schedule a demonstration at a later date. We will not force the students to perform when they simply aren't ready to do so. Two, if a center location does not have adequate space for us to use for a demonstration day. We are dependent on the centers, to provide us with a space for our weekly classes. However, the space needed for a demonstration day needs to be much larger. If an appropriate space is not an option, due to size of the center, the center's enrollment during this timeframe, etc. we will be unable to provide a Family day until a space becomes available to us. We will reschedule a demonstration as soon as this is an option. 

Billing and attendance: 
Classes are taught and billed on a 4 week schedule per month. Your child's monthly tuition covers their spot in class, not each individual class attended. There are no makeups for your child's absence. There is no reimbursement, prorated fees or make up classes for missed lessons due to personal matters. This includes but is not limited to, school and social events, appointments and vacations. If your child misses more than one class consecutively, due to injury or illness, or something that will not allow them to physically participate, please contact your child's instructor to discuss tuition options. If your instructor is absent, a makeup class will be arranged or a credit will be given. If classes are cancelled due to Holidays, snow, school closures, or anything out of our control, we will do our best to schedule an available day for make up classes. However, we cannot guarantee this will be an option. Our instructors have locations scheduled each day of the week. There is a $25 fee for any returned payment via check and a $10 fee per online payment transaction that has been reversed/cancelled. If a tuition payment is returned to us, a replacement payment must be turned in and cleared, before a child may return to class. 

To dis-enroll: 
If you would like to remove your child from their program, we require two weeks written or verbal notice, directly to your instructor. Contacting the Center where your child is enrolled with KidzDance, cannot be considered notification to discontinue the program. The Centers themselves are not directly connected to KidzDance. Enrollment is considered to be ongoing and payments are due until you inform us that you would like to withdraw your child from their program. Once your child's spot is released, it will be given to the next child on the waiting list. Your child is enrolled with us and the tuition will continue until we hear directly from you. 

Refund requests must be sent in writing to Refunds will be paid via check and processed within thirty days of the written refund request. A full refund will be given, if the refund notice is given on or just before your child's FIRST class. A 50% refund will be given, if the refund notice is given during the first two weeks of your child's class session. No refunds will be given after the second class of that session has been taught. Most of our locations are on monthly sessions. 
Four lessons per month. Some of our locations have four or more weeks included in their session. Our refund policy remains the same for all.

Viewing classes: 
Please schedule a time to view a weekly class. Our dance areas within our centers tend to be open, with no available space for viewing that does not disrupt the students. Please schedule a time with your instructor, to give her the opportunity to let the children know and to plan accordingly. We understand your interest in watching your young dancer, however, we are responsible for the success of every student. Having someone sitting in on a class, will cause a disruption and is 
unfair to the other students. For the lack of a one way mirrior, we ask that you discuss a plan with your individual instructor and we will do the best we can. 
Thank you. 

If you have any questions,  feel free to get in touch. We would love to hear from you ! 
Thank you and happy dancing !