"KidzDance has made Jada proud of herself and at an early age has given her a talent to boost her self worth. She loves dance class and excitedly waits each week for Wednesdays to come." 
-Teanna, Mom of Jada age 3 current student of Ms.Stacy 

"KidzDance comes highly recommended by every family we know inside our school. The cost is less than a studio and the students learn more. Their focus is not on competition. Their focus is each and every student and doing what they can to help each dancer be their best. We LOVE our daughters dance teacher ! They do a year and recital for the families. NO other program that is in our school does this. Soccer does not. Spanish does not. Sign language does not. Many of these other programs offer a CD for a cost, but do nothing in regards to inviting the families to a show. The low cost of tuition is worth it. You'll see proof at the end of the year. Don't hesitate to register your child. They'll be happy !"
-Gloria and Sam Harrings, 
Kent, Wa. 

There are four words to describe KidzDance: Energetic, Organized, Heartfelt and AMAZING ! Thank you !" 
-The Hergo Family, Lynnwood, Washington 

"Our daughter was in KidzDance from the age of 3 to 4. Berit, is now 15 and dances six days a week at Pacific 
NW Ballet. She has been in the Nutcracker six years in a row and intends to pursue dance as a career. It all started at age 
three with you. Thank you Miss Lynn for all you do."
Thank you for all you do,  

"Jessica has really enjoyed her dance time and is now dancing for all guests who come to our house ! A couple of days ago, I had a friend over whose niece danced for the San Francisco Ballet. She commented on what beautiful arm and shoulder positioning Jessica had". She also mentioned that it was "much better than what her niece had at Jessica's age." I thought her comment spoke well to all that you've been teaching."
Mom of Jessica age 5, Three year student of Miss Lynn

"My daughter actually looks forward to MONDAYS ! She wakes up saying ITS DANCE DAY ITS DANCE DAY. We couldn't be happier. Thanks for all you do."
-Jennifer McCarthy, Mom of Paige
Seattle Wa.

"We started with dance when our daughter was 3. Miss Janelle has been such a positive role model for Renae and an amazing teacher. We have tried other classes that are offered in her school and nothing so far has compared to dance. We can work on sign language with her, kick a ball around at home, or teach her beginning Spanish. Dance is something we know nothing about and can't learn correctly on Youtube. Miss Janelle's skills are far beyond anything we have seen offered in this environment. Thank you Janelle !"
-Amber and Michael Skillings 

"We are coming to the end of our time with KidzDance and wanted to share our experience with any families considering their program. Do not hesitate. We have been involved in studio classes near our home and have come back to KidzDance. Our young dancer has learned far more with this mobile company than she ever did with the studio. This is not just a play time class. Its structured and they truly know what they are doing. Our little ballerina LOVES Miss Danielle and we will miss her very much."
-Beverly McCallister Mom of Chanelle 

"Thank you for all your hard work. Xinhe has become much more graceful then when she started dance."
Nicole Thomsen
Xinhe's mom / Student of Miss Kelsy 

"We love Miss Dea ! Her dance class combines serious dance and movement practice and learning with joyous creative expression. The dance class, which we have offered at our school for three years now, is so popular that it fills up in a day with a waiting list. Thank you for enhancing our high quality early learning programming with something we were just 
not able to provide on our own. We are so grateful and proud to have Kidzdance be a part of the Burlington Little School."

"We have noticed such a respectful change in our daughter since she began taking Kidzdance Ballet. She is so excited to go to school, communicates clearly and more respectfully than before. What she is gaining from this program is so much more than just physical strength and coordination. Thank you."
-Amelie and Harsha Bahri 

"We love the KidzDance program offered by Lynn at our daughters daycare. But, more importantly our daughter, Savannah-Lin loves it ! Her teacher Miss Kelsy, is simply wonderful and her warm and sweet personality made it very easy for Savannah-Lin to feel comfortable. She dances all over the house pretty much every day of the week and the best part for us is we don't have to try and fit dance class into our already very busy after-school schedule. With 2 kids involved in multiple sports, its' so convenient to have dance come to her during her day at daycare. We can't say enough good things about KidzDance !"

"Thanks for another awesome year! We are going to be sad to leave you in the next few months. It has been wonderful having Savanna in your class for the last few years." 
-AJ , Mom of current student of Miss Melissa 

John and Patricia Balay

"Our 3 year old daughter loves her dance class with Miss Kelsy and insists on a special outfit and hairdo to match Miss Kelsy on dance day. It's great to see her making that connection and having fun."

"I have worked for Lynn for five years. There is no better job in the world ! The commitment she has to her dancers, parents, schools and instructors is undeniably the greatest ! Each and every child should have the pleasure of her love and instruction. She is one in a million." 
-Jenae Billings, KidzDance Instructor 2001 to 2006 

"Such an amazing program. You teach much more than just "Dance". Thank you for the support, love and creative adventures. We will miss our "KidzDance days" 
~Kelly B. , Mom of 3 KidzDance students 

"Robert LOVES the gymnastics program. He comes home each Tuesday and shows us his "moves". Thank you for offering this during his time at school. It saves us time and money and what he seems to be getting out of it is priceless."
-Bernie Billings

"Shannon and I took Eli to the Taste of Edmonds tonight and when we were heading back to our car he had one special request. He asked if we could "PLEASE go over to that thing and walk like with do with Miss Kelsy ?" Throughout his performance he was telling us "point, flex, point, flex". Thanks for making such a huge impression on our little guy." 
Angie S. & Shannon B. 
Eli, student of Miss Kelsy showing off his balance beam skills  :) 

"All of our four children have been involved with KidzDance. The benefits are more than coordination. The amount of attention given each child, the amount of care and devotion is more than we could have dreamed of. We thank you from the bottom of their four hearts and ours." 
-Marilyn and Ben Cruthers, Mom and Dad of Sam, Katy, Thomas and Sarah
Auburn Washington

"Sara has learned both balance and poise. She was able to put on roller skates and go, without ever been skating before.
Thank you so much !"

"Our 2016 season has begun and we are excited about another year of dance. KidzDance has been the most popular enrichment program in our center since 1998. Every family that enrolls in our center, chooses to enrolls in dance. They are professional, thorough, provide a TOP quality program and we can't imagine a week without them. Miss Lynn, the owner KidzDance, and our instructor Miss Becca are both 100% devoted to their craft, focused on their students not income, are consistent, honest and communicative. Miss Becca has been our one and only instructor since 98. No instructor turn over. No late days. No schedule issues. Super easy, professional and AWESOME ! Thank you for all you do !"
Sheryl B. Center Director/Redmond Wa.