KidzDance is a studio quality, dance, movement and fitness program for children from the ages of 2-5 years. KidzDance began in Seattle in 1991 and has since expanded into over 100 locations, with 2,100 happy and successful students.... and growing weekly ! 

KidzDance has grown to be the top requested Mobile Dance Company within Washington State and has proven to be an industry leader and parent and center favorite ! 

If you are a parent considering our programs, feel free to read some of our testimonials. This will give you some honest insight on the success of our programs. We look forward to meeting you and your young dancer ! 

If you are a center location interested in offering our enrichment programs, feel free to get in touch. Lets see what we can do ! We look forward to meeting you and your enrolled families ! 

KidzDance offers three programs: 

Tots: Ages 2-3 years 
Dance: Ages 3-5 years 
Gymnastics: Ages 3-5 years 

One of our professional KidzDance instructors will come to your scheduled location, one day a week. Each of our expert staff have extensive experience in teaching and safe coaching, so that each child's KidzDance experience is safe, healthy and positive. 

KidzDance is one of few in-school enrichment programs that offer a year end Family Viewing Day. With KidzDance, the families will have the opportunity to see the results of their investment. Not pay a monthly fee and never experience the levels of growth and improvement that should take place while being involved in an on-site enrichment program. With us, you will see that growth and be kept up to date with personal communication from your instructor. We work directly with the centers and families to help each student meet their full potential. 

The benefits of KidzDance are numerous. The development of gross motor skills, body awareness, poise, fitness and self confidence.....just to name a few. 

KidzDance students do not just run around with balls and scarves. Each weeks classes have a planned outline, which is always structured, upbeat and motivating. Our classes are not focused on expensive year end competitions, which is what you will find in many studio environments. Instead, we focus on the positive learning experience of each student. Your child's success in our programs is our top priority. 

is the top requested Mobile Dance & Gymnastics Company

Boys & Girls
Ages 2-5 years 

About us:
Where you can find us:
You can find our KidzDance classes in locations such as these: 
Child Care Centers
Montessori schools
Public and Private schools
Community centers
Youth facilities
Church programs
..... and many more. 
Each KidzDance instructor is a certified Early Movement and Dance Specialist and trained in all KidzDance teaching techniques. In addition each instructor is CPR certified, licensed and insured and have full background clearance. 

​Our KidzDance instructors: 
Miss Lynn H. 
Miss Janelle B. 
Miss Dani A. 
Miss Stacy C. 
Miss Maria S. 
Miss Kelsy H. 
Miss Rebecca R. 
Miss Char
Miss Vikki T. 
Miss Tonya T.
Miss Sharon O.


KidzDance Owner / Director: 

Lynn Hunter 

Each individual KidzDance instructor will have their contact information available within your child's location. 

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